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Criminalistics congress Brno 2023

Criminalists' Association of Lithuania, Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania and Masaryk university, Faculty of Law kindly invite you to participate in

XIX. International congress
"Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice"
which will take place on 13-15th of September, 2023 at Masaryk university, Faculty of Law

Main Topics of the Congress:

  • Criminalistics of Central European countries (Mediterranean-Intermarium) - between Eastern European and Germanic schools of criminalistics;
  • International cooperation and challenges for criminalistics and forensic expertology investigating war crimes;
  • Criminalistics tactics, criminalistics methodic and criminalistics strategy in doctrine, policy and practice of law enforcement institutions;
  • Criminalistics didactics – 130 years: from Hans Gross's "Court Investigator's Guide" to current textbooks;
  • Crime threats and human security; Digitization and artificial intelligence in criminalistics and forensic expertology.
  1. Student (young researchers) session. A session of young researchers and students is planned to be held during the Congress. The work of the session will be organized in a mixed way (contact participation and distance (remote) participation). Participants in this session may make presentations on proposed topics of the Congress or on the sphere of their research. Remote participation in the Congress is free of charge. The Scientific Council will decide if presentation (title and annotation must be provided) will be included in the program. Submitted articles will be included in the publication only on the approval of the Scientific Committee of the Congress.
  2. Languages of the Congress – Czech, English. No interpretation will be provided. It is possible to prepare poster and oral or Powerpoint presentations for the Congress. The Scientific Committee of the Congress will evaluate the scientific level and content of the presentations.

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